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Giving photography away might not be the fasted way to get rich, but sharing imagery randomly to strangers sure is a fun way to put a smile on someone’s face you don’t know! :) The Exposed Project is using Twitter and Instagram to help share the project – and taping envelopes in public spaces with a small singed archival print enclosed. The project is a little odd and quirky, but very cool!


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  1. VIAINA says:

    What an ingenious idea and project! Thanks or sharing!

  2. camera creative says:

    I’m so glad you like it! I hope you do your own project in Germany, your work is so awesome!


  3. VIAINA says:

    Thanks a lot, Dwayne, that’s such an awesome project ♥
    I will start this next weekend in Germany; made already my prints and whenever and where ever I go, I will leave such a nice “message” ;-)

    Will post some photos experience in my blog :-)

  4. camera creative says:

    This totally makes my day! I’ve actually been asked to be on a local television breakfast show this Friday to talk about the project, now I can tell them that a friend is also going to do a similar project in Germany! So cool! :)

  5. VIAINA says:

    so great, Dwayne, congrats.

    I’m still working at my website and as soon as I’m ready, I’ll post more about this project in Germany

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