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everyday – wow

I just love images that are everyday captures, or at least they are capturing everyday – but they wow you in a way that’s hard to put to words. Montreal photographer, Stephanie (@trixxie) has done just that with this beautiful image I discovered of hers on Instagram. It’s so timeless and has such a lovely atmospheric quality! More of Stephanie’s work can be seen on her Statigram stream, or search for her images on Instagram using @trixxie.

trixxie stephanie
© trixxie

the bridge between

A question that is asked and debated is “is photography art?”. I believe the answer is simple and yet not so simple. The tricky thing about photography is it’s a very accessible medium and because it records reality so well, we can sometimes be more subconsciously focused on the capturing of the image and not on the emotional element of the image (in simple terms – some viewers will think they could of taken the image instead of purely appreciating it).

All this said, I believe there are some photographers who have the ability to create images that transcend that struggle and you only focus on the evocative elements of their imagery – one such photographer is Iris Lehnhard. Seeing that her imagery looks and feels very painterly, it’s not surprising to find out that she is also a very accomplished painter. Iris does such a wonderful job capturing and creating beautiful images that so eloquently bridge between photography and art! More of her work can be see at

Iris Lehnhardt
© Iris Lehnhardt

a beautiful world within

I could never tire of photographing flowers. There is an exciting world within each and every one, once you start really looking closely – their delicate petals and soft and striking colors. Each flower, in a way telling a different story – a story of hope, a story of beauty and a story of poetic survival.


© Dwayne Brown

an intimate eye

The unique perspective of a photographer’s eye is so cool. Now, anyone can visit a park or head out to the mountains with their new digital camera and take photos, but a photographer – a passionate photographer somehow finds just that perfect blade of grass or stoic branch and captures them with her intimate eye. And she does it in a way that celebrates the ordinary and turns it into beauty. My long time friend Claudia Lorenz is one of these special photographers – she’s humble yet passionate, and she has always quietly pushed to shoot and to present her art her way. I just love these intimate compositions and I hope we see loads more! :)

intimate grass

intimate branch
© Claudia Lorenz

viaina – layers

There’s a cool sited called Society 6 – a site for artists to post their work for sale. There’s a wide scope of style and quality. Here’s an artist who I really like, Viaina! Her work is often cleverly layered and optimistically colorful. More of Viaina’s work can be see at

Viaina - sheltered© Viaina

this is your lucky day

This is a re-post from a lovely blog of Brinleigh Reuter’s (La Vie Europa), that I happened upon the other day. I love her words and observations, especially the words below about receiving a postcard.  :)

“There are some things that just never lose their charm despite all of the oft-gross, new-fangled options swirling around them. The Postcard is one of them. Currently existing in a world of emails, tweets, ping backs, hash tags (need I go on)…. The Postcard is a small, endearing reminder of simpler times when people hand wrote words to those they cared for.

So you can imagine my shock and utter delight when I actually opened my mailbox and found something other than a Valpack mailing waiting for me. This pale purple card from one of my loveliest friends now lives on my desk – a daily reminder that not only is today my lucky day- but that someone out there loves me enough to write it down in pen.

So, it is with renewed vigor that I vow to send more cards to those I love. After all, it is oh so much better than a text, isn’t it?” ~ La Vie Europa

© Brinleigh Reuter – La Vie Europa

dala girls – levi blues

How could you not smile when you see these two Toronto girls sing? Amanda Walther and Sheila Carabine of Dala have such an inspiring story. These two best friends met in their high school music class and wrote their first song together in 2002. Since then they have released five albums and toured extensively across North America. The Dala Girls are just so happy – even when singing the blues!

© The Dala Girls

oh my heart

Instagram is a vast and cool community, full of great photographers of all levels – photographers sharing their personal observations and unique perspectives of their world. And I have a favorite! Julya, Just Julya or as we know her on twitter @obscuralucida. I guess what I love about Julya is her work is always fresh and she’s always looking. Her imagery just keeps coming! Keep an eye open for her and I hope you enjoy her imagery as much as I do.  :)

ohmyheart Julya, Just Julya @obscuralucida
© Julya @obscuralucida

petals falling

I’ll never get tired of shooting the end of our city’s Tulip Festival – capturing the now overlooked and abandoned flowers. Petals bending. Giving way. Falling. Stoic and still oh so beautiful!

petal falling
© Dwayne Brown

skin deep

Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and ages! Beauty is strength – it’s honesty – it’s the celebration of well earned wrinkles and it’s so much more than skin deep. Tim Tadder’s portraits of mechanics are so beautiful! His use of rich tones capture the rugged intensity of these men who make an honest living solving problems and getting their hands dirty. Beautiful.  :)

© Tim Tadder

sunday morning café – credo coffee

One of the cool things about working and visiting other cities, is discovering new cafés. Credo Coffee is this cool little urban café in downtown Edmonton, Canada. Great coffee and delicious “world famous chocolate chip cookies”. :) I’m always pleasantly reminded when I return to Edmonton, what a well kept creative secret it is! – for being a predominantly blue collar town, it’s so urban and so creative! 

DBS_cafe credo


Anyone who listens to my stories about life, knows that I like to talk about paths. Life is all about paths – or perhaps a series of paths. And you never really know when the path will change direction or offer a new path. It might be an experience or a person you get the opportunity to meet, but it’s all about moving forward and embracing what’s around the corner.

One of the cool things about being a photographer is that the camera often leads and takes you down really interesting paths – paths of discovery and paths of creative growth! :)


© Dwayne Brown


This is an image shot by a very old and dear friend of mine and it’s one of nicest images I’ve seen in a while – it makes me think and appreciate the deep connection between two people. The connection between best friends, lovers, partners, siblings, or a parent and child. I love the stoic and caring connection between these two horses. It reminds me just how lucky we are to have the people we have in our lives – we need to enjoy them, care for and protect them and to do our best to appreciate them. :)

© Tammie Hamilton

weekend free download – regina 205

I’d like to introduce a new weekend post idea – to offer a free download for printing. It’s an image of a lovely entrance way façade to an older apartment building shot with my 4s. Please use the link below to download it.  :)

DBS_Regina205 Weekend Free Download
© Dwayne Brown

Please use this ‘link to download the file’. Feel free to print it, frame it and enjoy it – just please don’t use it for any commercial applications without written permission, thanks! :)

she is hope

HOPE. I know it sounds cliché, but I have learned that it’s one of the most important emotions of all, right next to LOVE. Hope isn’t always in your face in a cheer leading kind of way. Sometimes it’s quiet, resolved and focused. Sometimes it’s very positive and sometimes it just plain honest and realistic. The folks that best exude hope are sometimes the people who are so humble in the way they present it. I have learned the greatest lessons of hope and humility from my best friend. She courageously faces health challenges every single day and still shares hope to everyone around her. It is her who I look up to and believe in the most. (when most flowers face down, there is always the most positive and strongest minded flower that faces up to the sun, she is my best friend – she is hope)

Thanks to Vera Schmalzriedt for such a lovely image of hope.

© Vera Schmalzriedt

il caffè florian

Opened in 1720 in the beautiful Piazza San Marco in Venice, Caffè Florian is Italy’s oldest Café. While seated in one of the café’s frescoed rooms or outside listening to the orchestra in the Piazza, you can enjoy impeccable service and products of the finest quality. Il Caffè Florian is famous for its rich history as a crossroads of art, culture, politics and entertainment – a perfect place for a Saturday morning coffee!

il caffe florian venice italy

friday evening inspiration

It’s Friday evening where I am and I’ve always liked exploring ideas on Friday evenings. The regular part of the week is over, we’ve by theory accomplished the stuff others have wanted us to do, and now it’s time for us to do what we want to do. Now, I’m a big believer and yes I can be a bit pushy on the subject ;) – I think we should all spend more time regardless of the day of the week doing what we want to do and/or what is important to us. And maybe Friday evenings are a good time to think and dream about inspiring ideas to help us all do just that. I’ve just been using my Friday evening time exploring the internet and browsing some sites and I found this beautiful and vibrant portfolio of Romanian born artist Carmen Renieri.

I loved reading her inspiring career statement“By the age of ten, I knew my life would be dedicated to the arts with the hope of touching people through my original paintings and doing a small part to make this world a better place.”  Take a few minutes of your Friday evening or any evening to be inspired by Carmens Renieri’s work. :)

Mandala Carmen Renieri
© Carmen RenieriMandala 04