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layered portrait

It’s cool when a portrait can become fine art, as in this image by Parisian photographer Valérie Belin. I really love the layers of this image, but also the darkroom solarization of the photograph. Très beau! © Valérie Belin

Water Sculptures

These high speed captures by Markus Reugels of water droplets are so amazing – So randomly sculptural! Any Internet search will produce a dizzying number of bursting and rippling liquid surfaces. Yet in the right hands, even the familiar can be extraordinary. Markus Reugels, a German amateur photographer who has perfected the theme, has produced […]

beauty and iphones (and passionate commitment)

For as long as I can remember Greg Gerla’s been the guy to go to in Calgary to have beautiful woman photographed – and also to have just about anyone photographed! He has a humble approach with a passionate eye, which I believe allows his subjects and clients to put their trust in his hands […]

eyes and heart wide open

Photography for most, is fun and something people do from time to time – for an artist it’s a passionate obsession (something they can’t turn off). One of my favorite photographers who I follow on Instagram is Julya (obscuralucida), she’s definitely one of these photography obsessed artists. She posts several images each and every day, […]

a community of artists

Admittedly like many, I’m a little obsessed with Instagram. It’s an amazing community of great artists capturing, affecting and sharing their unique perspective of their world. I know that the purists might disagree that iphoneography should be considered an art-form – but the cool thing is, the people participating in it are way way too […]

a beautiful world within

I could never tire of photographing flowers. There is an exciting world within each and every one, once you start really looking closely – their delicate petals and soft and striking colors. Each flower, in a way telling a different story – a story of hope, a story of beauty and a story of poetic […]

an intimate eye

The unique perspective of a photographer’s eye is so cool. Now, anyone can visit a park or head out to the mountains with their new digital camera and take photos, but a photographer – a passionate photographer somehow finds just that perfect blade of grass or stoic branch and captures them with her intimate eye. […]

viaina – layers

There’s a cool sited called Society 6 – a site for artists to post their work for sale. There’s a wide scope of style and quality. Here’s an artist who I really like, Viaina! Her work is often cleverly layered and optimistically colorful. More of Viaina’s work can be see at © Viaina

petals falling

I’ll never get tired of shooting the end of our city’s Tulip Festival – capturing the now overlooked and abandoned flowers. Petals bending. Giving way. Falling. Stoic and still oh so beautiful! © Dwayne Brown

weekend free download – regina 205

I’d like to introduce a new weekend post idea – to offer a free download for printing. It’s an image of a lovely entrance way façade to an older apartment building shot with my 4s. Please use the link below to download it.  :) © Dwayne Brown Please use this ‘link to download the file’. […]

bending light – denting the universe

Nothing travels faster than light – but apparently we can bend it. Nothing is as immense as the universe – but we can dent it, meaning we can positively impact it. We can do that I believe by simply being kind, and when possible, shining a little extra sunshine on someone. The universe in all […]

greater than

I think one of the blessings and/or fun benefits of being a photographer, is we get to see and capture stuff that others might pass by and not notice – seeing beauty in the abandoned or neglected. © Dwayne Brown

facing west

Looking out over the Ottawa river from the most special spot – it is and will always be my favorite direction to face (west). Imagery helps us so well celebrate and commemorate emotions and the significance of time and place! © Dwayne Brown – shot with the 4S and the ClassicToy app.

spring sun

I’ve always loved branches without leaves – more graphic I guess. This time of year (spring) is so nice, with it’s transitional quality, crisp light and open leafless trees! © Dwayne Brown

abstract self

I love this layered abstract self-portrait by San Fransisco photographer Jennifer Bracewell. It’s so cool to see a photographic image, that for the life of me I can’t figure out how it’s done! I think it’s at that point it becomes less of a photograph and more of an abstract art piece. More of Jennifer’s […]

inni – sigur rós

Inni is a beautiful and inspiring short film by the famed Icelandic band Sigur Rós. The film’s atmosphere is enhanced by the film maker Morisset’s re-filming of the original digital footage on 16mm, which was then re-filmed again, sometimes through prisms and other found objects, allowing Inni to look and feel like something recovered from […]

ace hotel – impossible project

The Ace Hotel and The Impossible Project have a cool co-project underway in NYC – encouraging photographers to shoot instant film and submit their imagery to be selected for their upcoming gallery in the fall. Pretty cool! I hearted this image by Jessica Reinhardt, and you can do the same to your favorites if you visit […]

hong-kong in the rain

Most people don’t like it, but I am super big fan of the rain – and I love photographs captured in the rain. French photographer Christophe Jacrot chooses weather for his canvas for more abstract reasons, of which his words best describe: “I like the way rain, snow and “bad weather” awaken a feeling of […]

keeping the faith

Italian photographer Davide Capponi is doing some pretty cool imagery with his iPhone – in many cases blending images together to make really fascinating and vibrant compositions. On his blog he even lists the various apps he uses to create each image showing his creative confidence as an artist (many photographers tend to be unnecessarily […]


I love this abstract image by my 13 yr old son Alex! The cool thing about the eye and courage of a young photographer is they’re not afraid to break any rules, perhaps because they don’t know them yet, or maybe they’re just more hungry to try the untried. Maybe we all need to throw […]