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beauty and iphones (and passionate commitment)

For as long as I can remember Greg Gerla’s been the guy to go to in Calgary to have beautiful woman photographed – and also to have just about anyone photographed! He has a humble approach with a passionate eye, which I believe allows his subjects and clients to put their trust in his hands (a vital quality to success in the commercial photography world). The reason I wanted to mention Greg on this blog, isn’t just for his cool commercial and fashion photography, but also for his ferocious capturing of iPhone photography. To a passionate photographer, the iPhone is a creative extension of the eye and heart – and this is totally what I see with Greg’s constant and committed Instagram feed! More of Greg’s commercial work can be see at and his iPhone imagery on Instagram at @leggomygreggo and you can follow him on twitter at @leggomagreggo


(and of course there’s Chico!)
© Greg Gerla

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